clock and picon Oled Vu+ Ultimo

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clock and picon Oled Vu+ Ultimo

Příspěvekod donpablobb » 30 kvě 2020 18:40

I have Vu + Ultimo with BH 3.0.9.
1. I would like to change the size of the clock on the display in stand-by. Should I make changes in the file etc / enigma2 / skin_user? If not, in which file? In which line?
I used to change this post once:
<screen name="StandbySummary" size="256,64" position="0,0" id="1"><widget size="256,64" position="0,0" render="Label" source="global.CurrentTime" halign="center" font="VFD;80" transparent="1" valign="center"><convert type="ClockToText">Format:%H:%M</convert></widget>

2. piconOled channels are not displayed to me. How to solve this problem?

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Re: clock and picon Oled Vu+ Ultimo

Příspěvekod shamann » 30 kvě 2020 21:16

I recommended to use a plugin LCD4Linux for management of the display - if you are using FHDG set in the setup of FHDG OLED type to "from image" then manage display by LCD4Linux plugin

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